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M. C. Escher Series, # 4

This fourth box in my series inspired by the work of M.C.Escher is closely based on a specific drawing, 'OTHER WORLD'. Like the first three boxes in the series, this one is about multiple orientations of the same tableau.  The drawing shows a lunar landscape viewed through Roman arches in three different orientations. I have substituted urns for the rather disturbing bald birds in the drawing, and hanging ball for the hanging horns, but otherwise the idea and the architecture are substantially the same. In translating from two dimensions to three, I decided to contain the scene in a box that one looks down into, after removing a cover, as the next images show.

The woods are lacewood, quilted maple, birch, and dyed English maple. The dimensions of the scene are 8" - 6" - 8".  The box is made of pommele sapele, and its dimensions are 13" - 11" -  10 1/2".