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Since I was a teenager, I have been creating boxes and sculptural containers. I became a full-time artist/boxmaker in 1985, and in the decades since then have made thousands of sculptural boxes, drawing inspiration for my pieces from many sources. My current work, featured on this website, is about the psychological realm of architecture, inspired by the work of artists such as Giovanni-Baptista Piranesi and M.C.Escher, as well as by existing and imagined architecture. My miniature architecture is meant to draw the viewer into a world where a sense of scale is lost.  In each piece  I seek  to   intensify  a  specific  aspect   or  emotional

quality of the architecture. I’m interested in exploring the dualities of light versus dark, of exterior versus interior, of hidden versus exposed, and of openness versus containment. Mostly I’m fascinated with how different spaces have different visceral feels, and I try to manipulate forms, materials, and light to create an emotional response beyond the initial sense of curiosity. I also want my pieces to be beautiful.


My sculptures are containers, with hidden drawers and secret compartments. For me this adds an essential dimension to both the creation and the experience of each piece. I believe that as humans we feel an affinity with containers, as we ourselves are containers for the soul, and to know that an object has an inside, and that some special thing might be contained there, is for us more than a pleasing conceit.